This romantic book offers us a one-way ticket to Italy and its dolce vita

For all romantic comedy lovers out there, this new novel by Rebecca Serle is a literary gem to pick up before summer and keep in your suitcase!

Stroll the streets of Rome, discover the colorful houses of the Cinque Terre or even get lost in the city of canals… Italy full of hidden treasures that you can visit at least once in your life.

But if you unfortunately don’t get the chance to discover this sunny land where love flows freely and where the pasta bolognese is way better than in France, you can always escape via a new novel from Rebecca Serle.

Italian summer: what is this Italian romance about?

After winning the hearts of readers with Dinner list, After five years, Expiry dates AND Famous in love a young woman returns with a new New York Times bestseller: Italian summer. A romance that will take us straight to the Mediterranean sun!

Available in bookstores from last year on April 10this rom-com takes us straight to Positano, a clifftop village on the Amalfi Coast. Paradise Lost where Carol, mother Kate, had the best summer of her life and dreamed of taking her daughter there. But one day Carol gets seriously ill and doesn’t wake up. Faced with this painful loss, Katy decides to fly to this place that her mother loved so much and follow in the footsteps of her youth. This novel is a true ode to love, poignant and sunny, dealing with the unique relationships and bonds between them mother and daughter.

Italian romantic comedies you should have in your library

This book, written by the beautiful pen of Rebecca Serle, is not the only one that made us dream about Italy. Serena Giuliano with his novel, he also immerses us in the south of Italy, in Procida Sarà perché ti amo. The author has also published Felicità, Mama Maria Or Bye Bella slip into the trunk.

Finally with your romance To our lost loves Kate Eberlen chronicles the love story between Gus and Tree spanning over 20 years from Florence to London.

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