Margaux’s Little Secret. Sea bream, a noble fish for consumption all year round

Elet’s avoid confusion…

In everyday life, as well as in this article, the anglerfish refers to the tail of the anglerfish. The devil is a large fish with a head studded with teeth, also called the “devil” or “toad” of the sea.

Its unattractive appearance encourages fishmongers to present this fish headless on their stalls. And it is his tail that has been rendered in this way that is sold as a noble product under the name “monkfish”.

But anglerfish can also refer more intimately to “river anglerfish”. It is a small lake and river fish also called Barbot.

It is abundant in the cold waters of the alpine region. Its fishing, difficult because it is nocturnal, is rather rare for consumption.

Consumption of sea bream

Anglerfish (or anglerfish) can be fished all year round in the Bay of Biscay. But its territory extends from the North Sea to the western Mediterranean.

It is more expensive during the holiday season due to the increase in demand for this noble fish. We eat its tail, but other bits are also very popular.

Angler cheek is the most refined part of this fish, the equivalent of poultry sot-l’y-laisse… And angler liver is sought after for its iodized notes.

How to cook it?

There is no boning required to prepare the monkfish as it only has one large central bone. On the other hand, you have to carefully remove the skin from it, as well as the thin white membrane that covers the flesh, because it shrinks during cooking.

Sea bream meat is particularly firm and has excellent cooking properties. It is therefore ideal for grilling recipes, on skewers or stewed in sauce.

It can also be cooked in the oven as a roast or pan fried in fillets or medallions. Beware of overcooking, which will make the pulp rubbery…

Note that it goes very well with “land and sea” dishes, such as cooked with bacon or chorizo.

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