Try to become the owner of this house by estimating its price

You won’t believe your eyes. A Belgian real estate agent decides to say goodbye to the house he has lived in for 25 years, called Le Richmond, in Godinne, Belgium, but does not offer it for sale. He doesn’t praise her either. He organizes a competition under the supervision of a bailiff and a notary, which will only cost you a modest amount of 10 euros, which is the price of the ticket you buy to participate. You have to answer two multiple choice questions: “Which personality owned Richmond?” and “What year was the house built?” You will then need to estimate the value of the property and its B&B business. The future owner of this house will be the closest one.

The contest, organized by the platform, lasts for three months, until July 24, 2024.”This competition is not just an opportunity for someone to acquire real estateit is also an innovative platform for presenting real estate in a completely new way“, he says on his stage. You can purchase multiple tickets to increase your chances, but each ticket requires a different estimate. Even if you lose, you will win a welcome gift worth 40 euros when you participate.

All you have is that the property is worth more than 1.5 million euros, as noted by Le Parisien. If you invite friends to participate by sending your personal code and that friend becomes a winner, you will receive a bonus of €200,000. For every 10 people who buy a ticket thanks to your referral, you get a free ticket. In the event of cancellation of the competition, all participants will have a choice between a full refund of their ten-euro ticket or a free ticket to the competition for a secondary prize, a luxury convertible.

Property of a former Belgian minister

Built in 1710, the residence, believed to be one of the oldest residences in the village, served as an inn and then as a traveling inn for the village. In 1912, a loggia with a balcony was added. The property belonged to the maternal branch of former Belgian minister Paul-Henry Spaak. The 900 square meter property on the banks of the Meuse includes a main house with a five-bedroom residence and five guest rooms, a one-bedroom tower and a two-bedroom gatehouse with a garden. The over 6,700 square meter property is complemented by cellars, a laundry room, a garage and a pool with a pool house, fountain and pond.

Who is this over 300-year-old residence intended for? To the lucky winner who would like to make it their family home, rent it out (currently fetching €6,600 per month), run guest rooms or even enjoy a second home. “You win but want to sell, no problem» assures Valere Duchenne, owner of the house. Why the competition? Contacted by user Le FigaroValere confides: “I’ve been a real estate agent for 35 years, and frankly, after so many years, the classic sale becomes very, very routine. I admit that the idea of ​​doing something different is terribly exciting, handing over the key to my home to a winner who bought a €10 ticket. For me it presents a real challenge, a real challenge“.

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