Near Thouars: globetrotters bring the Adillons leisure center to life

 he holds the keys to paradise. Jérôme Regazzacci and Caroline Trapet were commissioned by the Thouarsais community to manage the campsite at the Adillons Recreation Center in Luché-Thouarsais during the tourist season. Although their smile is welcoming, it betrays nothing of the wealth of experience they bring. He is one of those who gave up everything to experience adventure and fresh water in the company of his four children.

Until 2018, the couple had an orderly life: he worked in the medical industry in Switzerland, she took long parental leave. “This life has ceased to suit us. We decided to sell everything and go with the children in a motorhome”, explains Caroline Trapet. Then, as a family, they set off on the legendary Silk Road, crossing many countries on an unforgettable journey of almost 40,000 km, the stages of which they followed on their social networks and YouTube channel.

Camp management to give back what they got

In an effort to stay in Thailand, where they were doing very well, the coronavirus hastened their return to France. Reality caught up with them somewhat. “We received so much during this trip that we thought about how we could give back. Friends who run camps suggested to us the idea of ​​doing it like them. It suited us very well, we who like to be pampered”explains Jérôme Regazzacci.

They welcome their first campers in Oudon (Loire-Atlantique) from spring to the end of summer 2021. The next two seasons continue again in Bergerac (Dordogne), in a camp with about sixty places. “This operation suits us. We work six months of the year and travel with our family the rest of the year. We do school at home with the children »continues Caroline Trapet.

Favorites for the web

But the globetrotters wanted more green for 2024. “After the interview, we were driving nearby, so we wanted to take a detour. We fell in love with the site in winter”, the mother continues. So here they are, in a small camp with 24 pitches and 10 cabins.

So the Adillons come to life, even if the summer managers do not offer new activities. The absence of refreshments, at least for now, could have penalized the place. “With our joy of life and our experience, we will do everything to energize the camp”concludes Jérôme Regazzacci.

And after?

After the defection of Aquadis Loisirs, who managed the Adillons camp for the season, the community of Thouarsais once again found themselves in a situation where they had to keep the place alive. Bernard Paineau then announced his intention to find a private person for the leadership. “As of now, we are studying several avenues. We try to see the potential of the place and believe in it.”specifies Esther Mahiet-Lucas, elected to the community responsible for tourism.

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