Diagnosing mental illness: can artificial intelligence really help doctors?

Le DSM-5 est le manuel de référence pour le diagnostic en santé mentale.

“AI and Mental Health” symposium in Caen, taking place on 29 and 30 January 2024, bringing together around twenty French and international researchers and doctors, made it possible to question the position of artificial intelligence in the daily life of the therapist. Will AI make diagnoses instead of a specialist? Not according to computer scientist … Read more

We’ve got a playlist to get you “zoom zoom Zang…” during the end-of-the-year holidays!

On a la playlist qui va vous faire «  zoom zoom Zang… » pendant les fêtes de fin d'année !

Looking for a New Years playlist? Don’t move! Universal Music and Mercedes Benz have teamed up with Radio Nova to create a gem that will have you dancing and singing the night away! It’s a collaboration that might seem incongruous on paper. However, it is quite natural that Mercedes-Benz joined forces with Universal Music France … Read more

Deezer and Spotify reveal the biggest hits of 2023… But are you still keeping up with the times?

Deezer et Spotify dévoilent les plus gros tubes de 2023... Mais êtes-vous encore dans l'air du temps ?

Like every year, Spotify and Deezer reveal the music retrospective of the current year. Miley Cyrus, Damso, Drake, Aya Nakamura… Discover what the popular sounds were in France and around the world in 2023. And it is done ! Deezer AND Spotify this year they finally revealed the secret of our musical preferences. Yours, ours, … Read more

Available at Farfetch, this trendy piece is the perfect Christmas gift for all decoration fans

Delighting fans with decorations has never been easier. Among all collections of interior pieces, gift ideas Do not miss. Depending on our taste and budget, we oscillate between scented candles, cozy bedspreads or designer stools. To shop the most beautiful decorative Christmas gifts go to the top selection on Far fetch. An ideal Christmas gift … Read more

Due to inflation, these Christmas favorites will be more expensive this year

As the end of the year holidays approach, many Christmas dishes are not spared from price increases. But besides chocolate-containing products like the famous Christmas log, what other foods consumed during the holidays are affected by an increase in their sales price this year? Inflation, scourge as Christmas approaches We have been observing this for … Read more

8 really cheap logs for a cheap Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and with it the festival of gifts, family meals and delicious desserts. In keeping with tradition, the famous log is out of the question. If the symbolic holiday cake is often expensive, it is because confectioners use this period to develop original and crazy creations. However, there is a large selection … Read more

This Parisian restaurant is the perfect place to spend an evening in a real mountain lodge

A few steps from the center of the capital, a real corner of paradise is hidden. A winter cottage, surrounded by avenues of firs and glistening snow, ideal for spending a winter evening. To travel towards the peaks, direction Asnières and restaurants In Monix. A true alpine lodge, the place immediately takes us to the … Read more

“No matter what I say or do, it’s twisted or transformed,” confesses Camelia Jordana

"Peu importe ce que je dis ou je fais, c’est déformé ou transformé", les confessions de Camelia Jordana

A young woman of her time. in Irresistible, the exciting new series from Disney +, the 31-year-old actress plays Adèle, an independent and feminist young woman who tells her story in successful podcasts. “I decided to shoot after reading the first episode myself,” Camélia Jordana explains to us in her slightly hoarse, instantly recognizable voice. … Read more